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Healthcare Cost Rises Forces Even More Americans to Delay Treatments

Increasing Healthcare Cost in Weak Economy Forced Even More Americans to Delay Health Care

A recent report from the Healthcare Cost Institute indicated that though the economy has remained weak since 2008, healthcare cost has continued to rise, at double the rate of inflation.

How do Americans respond to the increase of health care cost? As unemployment percentages continue to be in the two digits in most states, and economic recovery remains uncertain, consumers are slashing expenditure left and right and that of course means delaying health care as long as they could.

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Medical Travel

Medical Tourism

Go and combine, or supercharge your savings from the penny auction and get your medical operation or your dental work in another country, such as Costa Rica, India, Panama, Taiwan, Mexico and a host of other places.

Personally I prefer Costa Rica, as it is beautiful, with some of the best doctors in the world, and it is close to the USA.

Imagine, getting an 80% discount on a $5000 dental work, for any doctor of your choice in the USA and then go and use this $5000 dental treatment money, (for which you paid only about $500 – $1500) in Costa Rica and stretch the money by another factor of three to four.

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A Dentist’s Act of Kindness

CASSELBERRY, FL. — A Casselberry dentist opened up his office Friday for adults and children who just can’t afford emergency dental work.

Dozens of people lined up outside the Casselberry dental clinic. Some stood in line for more than four hours to see Dr. Timothy Chatterley.

The dentist offered something he never had before, free emergency dental work.

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